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Our Environment

Ellco has also been a long-standing member of the Portable Sanitation Association International and is at the forefront of “green works” and eco-friendly ethics for water conservation in the Caribbean.

With our portable sanitation solutions, you can:

Save and conserve water. Portable toilets save an estimated 125,000,000 gallons of water per day on a worldwide basis.

Protect the health of your workers or guests. Many illness such as COVID19 and resulting sick days occur when there is no sanitation facilities, particularly handwashing. Much of the estimated $260 billion in global costs from inadequate sanitation are due to the impact on people’s health.

Keep the environment clean. Portable units help keep human feces out of our gullies, streams and drains that humans, animals and plants depend upon.

Save money, time and resources. Reduce the need to install unnecessary facilities. Since portable toilets can be moved from site to site, you don’t have to build facilities in locations where projects are temporary.

“Going Green” Means Going the Extra Mile

At ELLCO, being friendly to the environment comes “naturally” to us. When we provide you with a porta potty rental, you can rest assured that we:
• Provide you with a unit made of plastic and metal parts that are generally recyclable at the end of the unit’s life
• When possible, use paper products made from recycled paper in order to conserve natural resources
• Use environmentally-friendly chemicals, detergents and deodorizers to service our portable sanitation units
• Offer you solar lighting on select portable sanitation units—perfect for night jobs or events, and a good way to reduce the use of electricity

Waste Management

We are committed to operating in compliance with Jamaica’s laws and regulations governing liquid waste. We only dispose of waste at government centers. Our service technicians are professionally trained and committed to holding the highest standards. After all, we would not want someone disposing of waste in our backyard or by the side of the road.