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Getting ahead in the agriculture industry

ELLCO brings years of experience, service options, safety record, and an exceptional service quality for Jamaica’s agriculture industry. Our agriculture services are efficient, cost-effective and flexible and designed to meet international requirements (OSHA, USDA and GAP) for food and worker safety. Our goal as a company is to minimize the unintentional microbial contamination of your valuable produce.

With a growing focus on inspections and enforcement, we help you stay in compliance and avoid hefty fines. When the time comes for your audit, we can provide you with the system of procedures (SOP) paperwork and water reports that are asked of you regarding your field sanitation vendor.


• We offer solutions specific to agriculture

• Custom-designed towable restroom trailers can travel along with your workers

• Service of customer-owned restrooms, septic and holding tanks

What Are USDA/OSHA Requirements?

• USDA OSHA field sanitation standard requires 1 portable restroom and hand wash unit per every 20 employees

• Separate restrooms are required for male and female workers

• Facilities must be well-maintained

• Facilities must be within ¼ mile of working area or nearest driving distance if terrain is unsuitable

• Towable restroom trailers can travel along with your workers

• Readily understandable signs are posted to instruct employees to wash their hands before beginning or returning to work

• All toilets/ restroom/ field sanitation facilities are serviced and cleaned on a scheduled basis.