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Prepared for Disaster and Emergency Response

ELLCO has been working with stakeholders for the past 35 years to provide disaster relief across the Caribbean. Preparing for a disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake - or cleaning up after one - comes with an array of challenges. Public health disasters, such as the recent COVID19 pandemic, require immediate response by public, private and government alike.

An often overlooked aspect of disaster recovery efforts is proper sanitation services. Losing power, running water, and other utilities quickly put a strain on public sanitation. Disaster victims, first responders, and disaster relief personnel will need access to already limited restroom facilities.

Coordinating with us before disaster strikes isn’t always an option but we can also work with you to design a comprehensive advance emergency relief plan and ensure we are as efficient and prepared to respond to you as quickly possible. ELLCO Disaster and Emergency Response

Emergency Porta Potty Rental Services

Portable Toilets: standard emergency portable toilets provide a quick and reliable solution to sanitation. These units prevent the spreading of disease or bacteria from people from doing their business elsewhere. Many of our units come with freshwater sinks within the unit itself.

Portable restroom trailers offer a permanent feel because they are equipped with full running water, porcelain toilets, A/C, and many other amenities commonly found in a traditional indoor restroom.

Hand wash stations help provide a more sanitary environment in a disaster, giving people an option to properly wash up after utilizing the restroom, before eating, and after tending to relief efforts. Each station comes equipped with hands-free foot pump faucets, liquid hand soap, paper towels, and waste trash bags.

Hand sanitizer stands provide easy-access for people during an emergency such as COVID19.