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Standard Unit


These are still the best and least expensive unit. They are excellent for construction units, backyard parties, larger events or any remote site that requires outdoor facilities. As long as our truck can get to within 20 feet of the unit it can be serviced. A standalone hand wash station is a recommended addition to rental.

One Standard Unit can accommodate 100 people over an 8 hour period (events) or 10 people over a 40 hour work week. For extra onsite maintenance ask about our Attendant services to keep your event fresh from start to finish.

• Spacious 85 cubic foot interior

• Anti-slip flooring and streamlined design

• Non-flushing toilet & urinal

• Serviced with hand soap and paper towels

• Translucent roof allows ample light and visibility inside porta potty

• Maximum ventilation to minimize unpleasant odors

• Occupancy indicator guarantees privacy to bathroom users

• Large 70-gallon tank minimizes need for scheduled service calls

• Optional lock & key and solar lighting available at an extra fee

Units may vary in color and design (Call to query)

90" (2286mm)

44" (1118mm)

48" (1219mm)

24” W (610mm) x 75.38” H (1915mm)

818 in² (5277 cm²)

70 gal. (265L)

18.75” (476mm)

189 lbs. (85.8 kg)